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Create awesome house and interior designs using innovative tools
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Developed by Chief Architect, Home Designer is a software solution for users who want to create their own house design or make interior or outdoor modifications.
So, either you plan to renovate a room or your entire house, including your backyard, there's a big chance to find the means to do that with Home Designer Suite.

Once you've installed it, you get in contact with its modern interface and its features and functions that are spread across the menu. You'll find well-designed menu icons, responsive buttons, and theme customizations. Yet, to fully enjoy all its features you need to have a powerful high-end system and to accept its high usage of CPU and RAM resources.

When it comes to its technical capabilities, Home Designer can deal with numerous user requirements. It provides the tools to edit templates, create doors, walls, windows, stairs and many other objects. With Home Designer, users are able to make 3D models and renderings. They can make modifications using a split-screen view and use advanced options like ambient occlusion, bloom, or reflection.

One of its cool features is represented by the auto-generating function that can automatically generate deck framing and roof over a deck. Moreover, users are able to generate a complete list of materials and have lots of included options for rails, planks, and panels.

All things considered, Home Designer is a comprehensive program for home enthusiasts. It embeds several tools that can be used with ease to create the perfect environment for any individual. At first, you may need some time to learn its features but it will become easier with time.

John Saunders
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  • Comes with themes customizations
  • Allows 3D modeling and rendering
  • Provides the tools to edit templates


  • Requires a high-end system
  • Has a high use of system resources
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